Zeppelin Aero Works Wentzle Ruml IV S/10 "Da Crooner Deck 10" x 34"

The Wentzle Ruml IV S/10 (S/10= Spoon nose concave, 10” width range) has the same exact shape as his M/10 deck, but with our spoon nose concave for skaters that want a little more foot lock and response in their deck. Put harder wheels on it for the parks, and softies on it for the ditches and the sidewalks, and be prepared to have a heap-ton of fun!

Length: 34" x Width: 10" - Nose: 4" and 5" - Tail: 7" - Wheelbase: 17.75" and 18.75"

Concave: Rockered spoon nose concave with tri-tail

Graphics: “Da Crooner” Czech Shield

Recommended trucks: Any truck in the 9” range if using Zeppelin Helium SR wheels (overall width of the truck/wheel combo will be 10”), or 10” range if using centerset wheels
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