Old Skull Skateboards
You deal with the owners on EVERY order !

Old Skull Skateboards is owned and operated by three guys who became friends over 20 years ago through our similar addiction to Skateboarding.      As young kids, we lived and breathed everything that had to do with Skating.  We were obsessed kids because we found something that we really believed in and loved.  We didn’t get into Skating to fit in with the popular kids or because we wanted to be like everyone else.  We found salvation in an activity that promoted individuality, creativity and the desire to progress.  Those three things are the exact same goals that we have with this Shop.  We didn’t start Old Skull to become rich, in fact, up until a few years ago, we all still worked day jobs and with the Shop, we all work over 65 hours a week.  There are many things we sacrifice in our personal lives to make this shop happen but we aren’t complaining, we absolutely live and breathe it with the same passion we had as kids.  It is a labor of love and if it was anything other than being a local hub for Skateboarders, and getting kids stoked, it just wouldn’t be worth it.
  Anybody who knows us will tell you we are big on nostalgia at Old Skull and we are very proud of our ability to blend the history of Skateboarding with its current state of progression.  We have a unique selection of Old School, Reissue and Cruiser boards as well as a huge selection of new Decks from companies devoted to Skateboarding.   
  Old Skull has grown up a lot since we first opened our first Shop.  We are constantly expanding our product lines and offer tons of shirts, hoodies, hats and several brands of skate shoes now.  Stop into our Shop in Fairport, NY or order on our website.
We want to thank all of our faithful following and encourage anyone unaware of us or reluctant, to come check out Old Skull.  We don’t care if you can hardly ride on a Skateboard or you are the sickest shredder in Town, it’s all about our common love for everything that has to do with Skateboarding.  Everyone is welcome through our doors.  
  I know that every time I see a kid get his first “real” board at our Shop, I know exactly how excited they are because I was about the most excited a kid could be when I got my Steve Caballero at the late Samurai Skates in Rochester back in 1988.  When I come home from a 14 hour work day, all I have to do to make me think it is still worth it is to think that we are passing on the same experience to a new generation.

Keep Shreddin’
Steve @ Old Skull