Zeppelin Aero Works Jim Gray S/10 Deck 10" x 32.5"

The Jim Gray  S/10 (S/10= Spoon nose concave, 10” width range) is a more classic re-interpretation of his classic sidecut G&S shape. A long, wide deck with a spoon nose concave that features a prominent rocker and a mellow tri-tail, this deck is a deadly ditch weapon that also comfortably excels in skatepark bowls, or as a mellow street cruiser. Put harder wheels on it for the parks, and softies on it for the ditches and the sidewalks, and be prepared to have a blast!

L = 32.5" x W = 10" - N = 3.5 - 4" - T = 6.875" - WB = 17.5" - 18"

Concave: Rockered spoon nose concave with tri-tail

Graphics: Mick Mannock Nieuport 23

Recommended trucks: Any truck in the 9” range if  using Zeppelin Helium SR wheels (overall width of the truck/wheel combo will be 10”), or 10” range if using centerset wheels
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