Thank You Danny Hamaguchi Oil Deck 7.75"


Whether you're looking to do top-tier shredding to compete or just want to enjoy your mellow everyday commute, Thank You’s ‘Oil Series’ decks will keep you pushing smoothly. Your board will have more power under your feet and will also ride with maximum efficiency and reliability. Not only do these decks meet all the necessary regulations for skateboarding, they also offer superior protection from wear and tear so you'll be able to enjoy a longer lasting session no matter what kind of skater you are. The peace of mind in knowing that your skating can reach its full potential makes the oil series certainly worth taking a look at.

- Assorted Stained Woodgrain Bottom Veneer
- Custom "Thank You Boys" Top Graphic

7.75 X 31 1/8” -  WHEELBASE = 14” • NOSE = 6 7/8” • TAIL = 6 1/2”

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