StrangeLove Pig / Captain / Vinyl Toy

  • Vinyl Toy
  • Approximately 6-inches Tall
  • Deluxe Cardboard Box
  • Made in China
  • Product Description: It's a tale as old as time. No, not that ridiculous fairy tale about a beauty and a beast and the borderline bestiality betwixt, but rather that of the proverbial cat and the mouse—or, in this particular case, the pigs versus all the other animals in the barnyard if the scenario was collectively penned by the likes of George Orwell, Bobby Seale, George Harrison, Roger Waters, and Gil Scott-Heron, all of whom have made infamously piggy remarks, allegories, and jabs over the turbulent societal years. So, here we are now, standing on the shoulders of these giants and coming straight from the underground with an adorable vinyl representation of those who choose to abuse their power to protect and to serve. Collect them all, and in the wise if not justifiably angry words of the streets, "End police brutality."
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