Powell Peralta Steadham Skull & Spade Reissue Deck Orange Stain


Immediately after his debut pro contest at Pipeline, Steadham placed second at the Eagle Rock ramp contest, then fourth at Nebraska's Midwest Melee. When Stacy and George finally gave him a model in 1985, the Stecyk-drawn Rasta-skull graphic and sidecut shape helped propel Steadham's signature deck toward the top of the company's bestsellers at the time. Near the end of 1985, with a decision he says he now regrets, Steadham quit the Bones Brigade.

Originally Released: 1985, Artwork by: Craig Stecyk

Original shape, concave, wheel-wells and truck hole pattern.

Width: 10" - Length: 30.125" - Wheelbase: 15.5" - Nose: 3.875" - Tail: 6.63"

*Your deck is completely unique due to the natural variance in wood grain in the color dyed veneers, and may not match the above representation exactly.

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