Powell Peralta Steadham Skull & Spade Reissue Complete 10" x 30.125" (Orange Stain)


Width: 10" - Length: 30.125" - Wheelbase: 15.5" - Nose: 3.875" - Tail: 6.63"

Immediately after his debut pro contest at Pipeline, Steadham placed second at the Eagle Rock ramp contest, then fourth at Nebraska's Midwest Melee. When Stacy and George finally gave him a model in 1985, the Stecyk-drawn Rasta-skull graphic and sidecut shape helped propel Steadham's signature deck toward the top of the company's bestsellers at the time. Near the end of 1985, with a decision he says he now regrets, Steadham quit the Bones Brigade. 

Originally Released: 1985

Artwork by: Craig Stecyk

Pictured with 169mm Independent Trucks & Powell Peralta Rat Bones Wheels

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