Bronson Speed Co. Fabiana Delfino Pro G3 Bearings


Bronson Speed Co Fabiana Delfino Pro G3 bearing featuring pro inspired flower graphic art theme printed with super durable ink and 7 "Fabi" and 1 "Delfino" laser etched outside bearing races. Go fast, stay fast with Bronson bearings!

Deep Groove Raceways
Balls roll deep in raceway channels
Reduces side impact damage & breakage

Straight Edge, Removable Frictionless Shields
Pop off resistant
Hold oil in, dirt and moisture out
Easy to clean

Micro Groove Raceway Surfaces
Linear micro-groove surfaces improve bearing lubrication, speed and spin

Max Impact Cage Design
Non-distortion custom cage keeps the balls precision spaced
Micro grooves aid in oil circulation

Balls Out Technology
Eliminates shield and cage contact on impact for a go fast, stay fast bearing

High Speed Oil
Custom engineered light oil lubricant is water, oxidation and corrosion resistant for extended wear protection

Factory Fresh Quality - nitrogen filled shrink wrap, reduces metal & oil oxidation until ready to be ridden

Box/8 Bearings

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