* BLEM * Powell Peralta Lance Conklin Face Reissue Deck Teal Stain


This deck has a cosmetic blemish. Most cosmetic blemishes are minor, from a scratch, smudge, crinkle, mis print, etc…And does not affect the warranty on the deck which covers any structural issue.

First time reissued Lance Conklin debut pro model from Powell Peralta.

Originally Released: 1991 - Artwork by: Sean Cliver

Width: 9.75" - Length: 32.09" - Wheelbase: 14.63" - 15.25" (adjustable) Nose: 5.63" - 6.5" - Tail: 6.21"

Has OG Truck hole pattern

*Your deck is completely unique due to the natural variance in wood grain in the color dyed veneers, and may not match the above representation exactly.

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