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Zeppelin Aero Works Strausberg STX Deck 8.25" x 31.25"

The Strausberg STX is our little "Polarizer Plus" surf-skate. Inspired by 1960's-style sidewalk surfing, it's a little bit bigger and a little more sensibly contoured than a traditional polarizer, making it a lot more stable and comfortable for the bigfoots and the adults of the world. We've also dispensed with that annoying, drooping nose and tail, replacing them with a straight-through, rockered concave that, when flipped over, becomes a bi-directional camber; in both cases, the nose and tail are fairly flat, giving a little bit of extra functionality. Set up in concave mode, this board can be comfortably taken into transitions and ditches; set up convex, it becomes a snappy and responsive carving machine. Because this deck can be ridden either way, we printed both sides of it so that it'll look great, no matter which way you decide to ride it! Made in America, and darn proud of it. Special Introductory Edition deck, only 50 made.  Dimensions are as follows:

Width: 8.25" x Length: 31.25" - Nose: 3.375" - Tail: 4.50" - Wheelbase: 19.00"

Recommended setup: This deck was designed around Bennett 4.3 trucks and 62mm Bennett Alligator wheels; 65mm Orangatang Love Handles are also a team favorite. Can run any small, narrow truck, such as Ace 00s, Tracker Dart Midtracks, Tracker Dart Fultracks, Bear Polar Bear 105s, Bullet 6.9s, Paris 108s, and Independent 109s, along with any soft, offset bearing cruiser/longboard wheel.
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