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Zeppelin Aero Works 65mm/95a ST Heliums Wheels

For the Zeppelin Aero Works 65mm/95a Superthane Helium SR wheels, we started with the classic Bones Mini Cubics, Sims Snakes, and G&S Yoyos of the early 1980's; made them slightly more centerset than the originals (for faster speed and more even wear); created a hybrid conical/radial back profile (the best of both worlds, smooth coping engagement and disengagement, but lock in when you want them to); added a high-performance nylon core; and poured them in the fastest, most resilient urethane formula available. One-color, pad-printed graphics (just like the old-school originals, for period correctness), these wheels are, hands down, the fastest old-style double conicals on the planet! Bonus: they're even coper compatible! (The deep back side recess is to make sure your Grindmasters/copers clear the inside edge of the wheel). Made in America by the best wheel factory in the universe.
Note: Zeppelin Helium SR wheels are *not* a centerset wheel! They have an *offset bearing seat*, which makes the front side (ie, the graphic printed side) of the wheel deeper than the back side. As such, they should *always* be set up graphic side out.
To find the overall track width of your truck/Helium setup, add 1" to the truck axle length. We recommend that the wheel/truck combo match the deck width for superior stability and old-school period-correctness. So, for a 10" wide deck? Run Heliums with 9" trucks.
*This will be THE LAST run of Heliums in the Superthane formula! Only 86 sets will be made available to the public! Get 'em while you can...!
Recommended setup: perfect for any old-school "pig". Just be sure to use trucks that are 1" narrower than the width of the deck, ie, a 10" deck will need 9" trucks.
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