Street Plant

Street Plant Vallely Super Friends T-Shirt (Navy)

$19.95 - $20.95

Art: Mark Penxa

The Street Plant, Super Friends Boards, and Apparel feature new art by Mark Penxa based on graphics and characters from my World Industries Pro Models from 1989-1991. I have always compared releasing those World Boards to putting out a series of albums, as I put so much into them.  I came up with the concepts, and artists W.T. Lageose and Mark McKee did the illustrations while Steve Rocco and Rodney Mullen took on producer roles. World Industries was this small, independent label, and I was in my prime as a Skater who had just left a “major label,” and creatively, I was in my summer. Those Boards, the shapes, the art, the stories, and the living that went into them meant everything to me.


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