Sk8ology Deck Wall Display Hanger


Product Description

An assembled Sk8ology Single Deck Display. Sk8ology Deck Displays are the original floating gallery display hanger.

Made from clear polycarbonite with stainless steel hardware and guaranteed for life.


Sk8ology's simple one screw/drywall anchor installation means your walls don't need multiple holes put in them to hang each board.

Sk8ology Displays feature two types of installation options - locked or easy on/easy off depending on your individual situation.


Sk8ology Deck Displays are the exclusive display of professional skateboarding’s top pro's and companies.

We are the official display of the Skateboarding Hall of Fame & are even used/recommended by The Smithsonian Institute for displaying skateboard decks.


Treat your collectable skateboard decks like the artwork they are. Worldwide patents pending.

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