New Deal

New Deal WTF Napkin Founders Douglas Deck 9.125"


Based on the heritage version of Steve Douglas’s original deck that was 9 3/4" wide, 14 1/2" wheelbase, 5 1/2" nose, and a 6 3/4" tail as a base, I reimagined this into a modern rider with these dimensions 9 1/8" wide, 14 5/8" wheelbase, 7" nose, and a 6 5/8" tail. The back of the board is like a 8 1/2" wide board with the front foot area being 9 1/8" wide. I gave the back of the tail a real nice round shape for a forgiving ollie contact point

I decided to place this board in the S4 concave that had been used by Schmitt Stix, and is the mold the first line of New Deal boards were produced in.
This mold has rocker in it like all of the Schmitt Stix boards did. So we have a blast from the past mixed with a modern shaped board.

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