Natas on My Mind By Mike Vallely


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23 Skateboard Poems by Mike Vallely

  • Perfect Bound
  • 40 Pages
  • Featuring the Photography of Chuck Hultz, Grant Brittian, Todd Laffler, Ted Newsome, and Giovanni Reda.
  • With Illustrations by Greg Higgins, Mark Gonzales, and Mike Vallely.

Natas on my Mind is a collection of thoughts about a life spent straddling the gap between mortal and spirit realms from a man who had the prescience, and more importantly, the heart to recognize, from his first push on a Skateboard, the universal in the granular—the cosmic in the insular experience.

Jay Adams, Stacy Peralta, Gonz, and Natas are but a few of the points of light in Skateboarding’s constellation that Vallely telescopes in on, his thoughts poignantly illuminating the ethereal connections between chipped curbs, splintered ramps, and dreams cast in empty parking lots that every kid who’s ever pushed around on a board has felt. From his introduction to Skateboarding in 1984 to his years spent Skating alongside some of the best ever to do it, and in a voice that is undeniably and defiantly his own, Vallely dances in the seams and tugs at the loose threads of the fabric that weaves all Skaters together.

Mike Vallely is a Poet, and Skateboarding is the lexicon of his life.

— Mike Montgomery

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