My Intro into Skateboarding

A picture I recently came across of me with my first real board I got on Christmas when I was 8 or 9. I got into skateboarding after seeing Back to the Future. My first board was a Valterra Back to the Future model from K-Mart and I was content with it until I was introduced to the first Bones Brigade video I saw, Public Domain. From then on I was all about Powell Peralta and my first legit board was the McGill I am holding in this picture. All my free time from then until about the time I got my drivers license was pretty much spent on a board. Thinking back we spent more time skating from spot to spot than at any one spot because we were getting kicked out and told to move on. My parents let me turn the basement into a makeshift skate park to help make winters tolerable and that was training grounds for flat land no comply variations trying to imitate Ray Barbee and later flip tricks. Summers we spent hours seeking out new spots, waxing curbs and building makeshift launch ramps out of whatever scraps we could find launching into the grass first before working up to concrete.

This is just a little about me, skaters come into our shop and we spend a lot of time trading stories about growing up skating in the 80's and 90's and enjoy reflecting on those times. If you have time over the Holidays please share your stories pictures about your introduction into skateboarding and we will post them on the website.

Shred On and Happy Holidays!
- Erik @ Old Skull